Saturday, March 25, 2017

Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Flavor of the Month

I guess cheating is the in thing these days!

This week alone I got 3 cases happening with people around me. Excluding mine.

First is the story of a poor man who had to work in Manila to support his family in the province. His daughter confronted him because he was failing to do his duties as a father. The family was complaining that he is now missing his regular remittance. When confronted he didn't deny. At least in our first story, he openly admitted it. He was a cheat but not a complete liar. He admitted to sending money to the other girl justifying that he has needs thus he looked for someone else. That has got to be the worst excuse a man can ever give. You got needs???? And worst you need it from your wife's neighbor? Your excuse is not valid. But it makes it even more invalid when you cheated with someone as far away as your wife.  While he admit his mistake, he said nothing about ending it. He upped the game with,  the daughter should help him financially because at the end of the day the ones suffering are her siblings and mom. What an a*hole!

The second story is about a stay home husband. His wife is working abroad as a high ranking executive while he stay in the Philippines to care for their children (who are all adults) and their business. His wife regularly comes home to make sure the family is well. And sometimes he and the kids go to visit her. One day, His business partner broke up with his girlfriend and suddenly the girl was pregnant. When she gave birth, the kid was named in the same pattern as his kids. The family suspects he is the father but no one had the courage to really ask him.

The one that takes the cake is the cheater of cheated against her relative who fed and took her in when she was a nobody. Not only did she cheat on her as a woman but she also cheated to her as blood relative. That has got to be painful. Let's make it more dramatic. They cheated on her for years... nah... decades. When confronted. They denied. Then later bullied the victim. Palakpakan!  She left with guilt that maybe she really just suspected too much. Only to later find out the public instagram profile of the teenager daughter of the relative and her husband. Ouch! Decades of cheating. I know we aren't supposed to involve the kids. But by God. She's a teenager. She's proud of her mom. How can you be proud of a woman who caused her relative pain (not just any relative... someone who took her in when no one would).

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Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Swensen's Tea Special

Number of Pax: 2 adults, 1 toddler
Order: Hawaiian Pizza, Firehouse Ice cream
Total Cost : ~ $19
Official Page: 

Location/Branch: AMk Hub

Verdict (1 lowest, 5 highest)
Service : 5
Taste : 5
Cost: 5

We queued up for a while but really appreciate that the waitresses were very fast and accomodating. Service was super good. It was 1-for-1 deal so price was great!

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Bouncy Castle at AMK Hub

First of all I acknowledge missing out the * in the ads. It says only 4 yrs and above.


Yesterday, the staff didnt tell us it was for that reason that they were denying us of play time. They just said its closed and must pay $8. I don't know why when it says free for clients with $10 receipt. Let's not forget the fact that we went off peak time and there was no one but 2 staff who were busily chatting with each other. And well, since the promo is out (I just got to know now) they should have clearly explained it to us. Paying $8 is not an issue. But sending us away without explanation is just a horrible thing to do to a toddler.

My hoy ran excitedly towards the Bouncy Castle as soon as he saw em. Who wouldn't. Only to be shooed away. He was crying so much that I felt very angry with the staff. The boy can't even go near for photo op? Or to excitedly talk about the castle. He won't go in if he's not allowed but I'm sure its not wrong to go near and admire it. Pretty bad experience AMK Hub. 2 thumbs down AMK Hub!

Official Site:

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Sunday, March 19, 2017

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Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

When the fans start drawing their favorite KDrama.. it's almost cuter than the real thing! :D

Photo Credit: Freak_Drawer Instagram

Photo Credit:

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Journey to the West

Our main reason for braving the distance to go to the West was the Scotiabank Ice Dragon Classic Ice Hockey Tournament where the daughter of a visiting colleague was playing to represent the Philippines. Pretty cool stuff.

My boys were so amazed by the Ice Skating rink!

The Jem had a mini digger site. $18 for 3 rides. Price was pretty steep so Paopao just watched. :D Ofcourse he cried. He wanted to ride. But I managed to convince him otherwise (what a stingy Mom!)

They also had an arcade on the top floor. Paopao had fun playing here. Not with tickets. But just trying out all the stuff.

He even attempted to compete with the bigger boys!

They got LOL. I didn't let the kids play because we didn't have 2 hours to spare. Not to mention playareas like these are pretty expensive on weekends.

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Vera Falls

Guest Blogger: SnappyWanderLust

Judy shows us again that Bicol is more than Mayon Volcano. Suggest you hire a private van (if you don't have car) rather than take public transport to Tabaco and habal habal. Be prepared for the stairs going down to the falls (or be prepared for the trip up lol).

A small donation is required for the caretakers of the place.  


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Saturday, March 18, 2017


Palali Falls

Guest Blogger: SnappyWanderLust
Thanks for the pictures Judy! I'm jealous that you got to see such a beauty!

Here's another reason to visit Bicol. The majestic Palali Falls of Ogob Malinao Albay

If coming from Legaspi, you can take a bus or shuttle to Tabaco City. Then tricycle to Labnig, Malinao. Then walk. Lose some weight for a sexier you pictorial at the falls. :) It's more for the adventure seekers. 

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