Manila Day Tour

September 24, 2008

I have friends going to Manila for a short 'weekend' trip and one whole day is dedicated to Metro Manila only. I've always been bragging about how nice the Philippine food is or how cheap shopping is. But now that they finally decided to go and see for themselves I find it hard to decide. Suddenly I feel that there's nothing in Manila to show around. Haha. So now like any other tourist, I find myself 'Googling' Day Tour Manila. Not to let them join the typical tourist tours but to get idea where to take them.

First was the decision on which flight to take, early morning, afternoon or midnight. I always prefer the midnight flight so I can get the whole day of the next day to go around. It's like buying one more day. The morning and afternoon will take up most of your day so it's practically wasted. Now the problem with tourists taking the midnight flight is that you will arrive at your destination VERY early. And you can only check in after lunch or so. Which gives u like 5 hours of loitering time with all our stuff. And honestly, Manila is not the place to loiter around with a lot of stuff. So the now the dilemma begins. It's very Filipino to want to be able to accommodate guests/visitors to the best of what they can offer. (I hope to God, you're not reading this since you don't want me to stress about it. ) So no matter how much I try to act cool and pretend to just let it be and go with the tide, the Filipino in me wants to prepare and give the best of what my country has to offer.

So after so much ado, here's the plan.

4.30am arrival
6.00am estimated time we can get out of the airport (plus minus delays or waiting for the baggages)
7.00am breakfast (pancake house? or the 'typical' tapsilog?)
8.30am historical landmarks
rizal park (oh god, i'll finally have a picture with doc jose rizal! turista sa sariling bayan.), intramuros, manila church, san agustin church, for santiago, maybe a little joy ride to china town (let them see their ancestor's relatives.. hehe)
1.00pm lunch (dampa?!)
2.30pm checkin to the hotel (finally can take a bath-- heh heh!)
4.00pm greenhills (shopping!!!)
7.00pm megamall? shangrila? trinoma? gateway? (the MOA is reserved for another day.. )
9.00pm dinner (something nice and noisy? i have no idea where..)

And that's how I plan the first day. Plus and minus traffic time. And I hope if it rains, it doesn't pour till it floods. Otherwise, I can probably proudly say, "Welcome to Manila Guys!"

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