Mega Tatlong Dekada

September 22, 2008

Warning: The author is a big FAN of Mega. So my opinions may be biased. :D

Either I'm not watching a lot of TFC lately, or the commercial for this show is very few, that I didn't realize there was a TV special about her. When I did find out about it, i thought there was nothing new. I was thinking, how many specials are they gonna give her? So I wasn't really looking forward to it. I even thought they were just gonna show the Araneta concert.

Fortunately, I happened to see part of the special during the replay today. It was a GOOD show. I didn't get bored or got the feeling of "hay, here we go again." Haha (warned you I may be biased!). Go watch it and judge it yourself. (Click here or the picture above to watch the special)

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Anonymous said...

tnx for the info. so excited to watch everything!

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