Kahit Isang Saglit

November 15, 2008
It first sounded very corny like (most) of the rest of the co-prod ventures of Philippines with other foreign countries. Plus Jericho is not really that popular anymore probably because of the "jologs" personality he has acquired. Carmen sounds very monotonous most of the times. Cristine Reyes is suicidal. Even the title is not original. They claim to be the first RP Malaysian venture but in fact GMA has another aired few years(?) back.  So, really, there was nothing interesting about this soap.

That is until you've watched at least one episode. And another. The monotonous Carmen suddenly sounds so cute. The suicidal Cristine is so pretty and sexy. And Jericho is a good actor no matter how jologs. And the story is good considering its actually a police story. I like the show. Well done.

Video here.

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