Love or Bread - Series and OST

January 20, 2009
Their earlier series together, It started with a Kiss, a mixture of irritating and cuteness. The girl, Ariel Lin, is amazingly irritating and yet cute. The guy, Joe Cheng, is ok when he's not smiling. I mean he looks better when he's not smiling.
In this new series, it just seemed like they swapped places. And amazingly, or not, Joe Cheng is more efficient and effective being irritating than being this ISWAK character. He fared better in this series. He was irritating. And that means he's effective.
I didn't think I'd like the series. I mean, what's new? But yet, I'm watching it now. Although, there are a lot of dragging and boring and predictable scenes, the series is 'watchable'. With Ariel Lin, working her charms again. I dunno what's it about her. But she's kinda cute to watch.
Anyway, judge for yourself.
(Credits: AZN Drama)

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