A stain that I want to erase

February 18, 2009

JP!!! How can you be so cruel? Jerk, horrible, cruel! Let her go and stop the misery?
(And then... come meet me in Singapore? Hehe!)

I LOVE episode 14. At least now I'm feeling the "love" and "pain" that was missing from the previous episodes. I'm such a fan of Taiwan's Meteor Garden and particularly loved the scene when Dao Ming Si braved the bullies when the pictures of Shan Chai with the foreigner were splashed all over the campus. I felt really in love with Dao Ming Si at that scene. He was very sincere which was lacking in the same scene in BBF. Another scene was when Shan Chai used her body to shield Dao Ming Si, now that was very dramatic and romantic! Somehow, I felt that BBF was done so fast that I didn't have enough time to chew on the "romantic" scene. But after watching episode 14 of BBF, now I can feel that almost same level of love between the two lead characters. (Although, really now I'm almost almost rooting for JH) I hope they maintain it in the upcoming episodes.

And oh, I just have to say this... Dramabeans you're the best! I love your recaps! It was almost better than actually watching the episodes. I almost cried just by reading your recap. Great great great job!

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