It's Woo Bin's Time

February 25, 2009

He was given few minutes but Woo Bin almost stole the entire Episode 16.

(1) His dance was almost stupid but adorable. Haha!

(2) His scenes with JD almost shows us that the two have chemistry.

(3) His scenes with JP's fiancee was both funny and cool. He was given the action scene because of the 4, he proved to be the coolest on it.

Ok enough. Here goes another "Almost Parrraaaddddiiiissseee!"

Credits: Soompi/PEX


Anonymous said...

I remember this scene!!!

Thanks for uploading that GIF image! I was DYING to see it again!


Anonymous said...

I Lovvee Woo Bin too xD He's so cute and handsome :D:D hehe This scene when he was dancing, ammm i love that ;d when he showed JD this 5steps, Iwas fascinated him.. I wish I was Jan Di..;p :D
sorry for my english,i'm from poland ;p

Anonymous said...

I just forgot about his smile... cute ! sweet ;d i must to say this ! :**

Anonymous said...

i so love this part. :)

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