Boys before flowers Merchandise

So Singapore have caught the Boys Before/Over Flowers fever. Today I saw Comic Connections selling loads of stuff with regards to the drama. Bit on the expensive side though --- and I'm not sure if they are official merchandise.
CD Case

Socks (Cellphone)
Stickers, Stationeries
Get a load of this


Anonymous said...

What is the name of store that sell the merchandise?

I want to know it!
please! please!


Unknown said...

Comic Connection. :)

Anonymous said...

what's this song, please.
& does this store have a website that i can order some stuff on?

thanks (:

Anonymous said...

please please tell me where i can buy this merchandise. please email me @

addictedfan said...

love to buy ur mechandise.Am in Botswana, Africa.pliz email me @

Piggy said...

they sell it at comic connection (all branches here in SG) but not sure if they still sell these stuff since the show has long finished.

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