May Bukas Pa

March 17, 2009

The show is a little bit too preachy for me. But since I don't watch TV very often it's OK. I can bear to see it as when I scan for shows/channels. The kid is a little bit too irritating. Sorry fans. But when he said he has a crush on Cristine Reyes I suddenly found him cute. Honest and cute. ABSCBN have, no doubt, a very good promotional machinery. So even if I don't really watch the show I get familiar to it.

But last week, I was able to catch few parts of it. And gosh! Claudine was there and was advertising her whatchamacallit. As if the commercials on Philippine TV is not enough that they have to inject it on the actual show itself. It's becoming a bit rampant in the Filipino movies. Now in the TV shows. Gawk! Ladies and gentleman, this is Pinoy entertainment. (And oh, the same night Kim Chiu suddenly had a conversation with an unknown lady at the toilet in her show discussing how good her 2-3-4 in one powder was... shoot! I really have to find time to call Starhub and cut this TFC!)

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