More LunarSea Art - Boys before Flowers

So.. do you like Jandi and Junpyo to end up together?

But doesn't Jandi and Jihoo look amazing together?

They do sell noddles that no doesn't need hot water for you be able to eat here in SG. It's just like chips.. except that.. it's noodles. :p

Because of the rumors that the ending would be few years later...


Anonymous said...

Ah, these are so amazing and cute~!
Can you leave a link or whatever where I can see more of this LunarSea's works from Baidu??

Thanks for sharing n_n

celeryellerie said...

hey, i've had that before. isnt it called monster mee or something?

my parents are singaporean and i used to live in singapore when i was little.

im so excited for the finale! :]

!!^^__Rubygirl__^^!! said...

So luvly endin'
In LUV with BBF^^!

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