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March 09, 2009

The Secret Life of Bees

I was a bit disappointed when this was shown on my flight to Manila. I haven't heard of the movie prior to that flight and it had Dakota Fanning on it. I think I had enough of her in all her "kid" movies in Hollywood. She scares me. Like an old person trapped in a little girls body waiting to just attack you. Enough of my blabbering. Hehe. The movie is ok. I mean I didn't sleep through it so it's good. Short Summary, Dakota plays 14 year old child who grew up with her abusive father. She, one day, run away with her guardian (a black woman -- who at that time found it hard to earn respect). They found home with the Boatwright sisters. The rest you have to watch for yourselves. :D

Quantum of Solace

It's the first Bond movie starring Daniel Craig I've ever seen. He lacks the coolness the rest of the James Bonds' had. So I will stop there. Zzzzzz.

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