Lee Min Ho Fanart


seraf said...

hi there!
i've been a fan of your blog ever since i got hooked with bof. thanks to abs-cbn. hahaha! anyway, i'd like to comment on the fanarts that u posted... i think all of those are min ho's. i've searched that in baidu as well and found all those under LMH's baidu bar. :)


Piggy said...

cool.. i tot it was kim hyun joong.. thanks for the comment.. will update the subject bar.. :)

seraf said...

you're welcome!
by the way it's min ho's birthday! have you greeted him already? haha.
in my case, i've made a fanart for him and posted it one of his forum threads.

anyways, loads of pix & vids came out from his fanmeet yesterday. ;) err, i'm not telling u to start on your new blog ok? that's just my little reminder for you. ;) ~seraf

Anonymous said...

wow..what a great job..
seriously wow!!

love,momomiko10 ;)

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