He who can't marry

I caught 2 episodes of He who can't marry at KBS World today. My husband and I kept laughing. Surprisingly, it is a very interesting show. So we will just wait for the series to complete then buy the DVD so we can watch continuously. :D

Just something, I'm a little bothered with Uhm Jung Hwa's lips.. looks fake? And why do I keep wishing that Kim Sun Ah should be there doing her role? It would have been a blast!


Anette said...

Hello! I think that you are a Filipino because of the GMA and ABS-CBN logos hhe:) Me too! I also enjoy watching this show and I can't wait to buy the DVD of it. Hope that it will be aired here in the Philippines^-^ Tell me if you already grab a DVD of it... Tnx!

Anonymous said...

why buy the DVD? You can download the high quality English hardsub version of this drama from Veoh.

Here's the link: http://www.veoh.com/group/he-who-cant-marry-2009

Hope I helped :)

Anonymous said...

my husband and I were put off by what-her-name's lips...they were definitely cosmetically intervene...so unnatural!

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