IBM blames ‘human error’ for GSIS glitch

October 03, 2009
I'm from IT so this article is very very interesting for me. And interesting too that IBM blamed the whole thing to "human error".. what a way to escape. Wonder what happened to that "human"?

MANILA, Philippines – IBM Philippines has explained that the breakdown of the Government Service Insurance System’s database last Thursday was due to “an inadvertent human error” rather than the oft-blamed IBM software of the pension fund’s computer system.

The company was reacting to statements by GSIS officials, pointing to IBM’s DB2 software which the agency has blamed for system crashes that started in March and hampered the processing of members’ claims and benefits.

On Thursday, the GSIS started processing emergency loans for members affected by Tropical Storm “Ondoy.”

The GSIS database was down for two hours, bringing tension among thousands of anxious GSIS members who swamped the agency’s main offices in Pasay City to apply for emergency loans.

Inadvertent human error

GSIS officials have been saying that the system would continue to experience intermittent interruptions until December amid an ongoing migration from the GSIS mainframe to a third-party system developed by global software firm Oracle.

In a statement, IBM said that on Thursday morning, systems integrator Questronix notified the company of problems the GSIS was having with its Wireless Automated Processing System (GW@PS).

“IBM immediately responded to the call and conducted an onsite investigation,” the company said. “We quickly ascertained that it was an inadvertent human error [not software] which caused the problem.”

The company did not elaborate. According to the GSIS staff, the database went back online late Thursday morning and remained so for the rest of the day.

Flood crisis

“IBM has initiated several actions in response to the flood crisis and we are committed to helping communities through our networks with recovery and relief efforts,” it said.

IBM is also working with the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) to effectively implement the Emergency Response Network (ERN)/Sahana Project.

The ERN, IBM explained, is an emergency/disaster system designed to set up a core communications infrastructure for restoration of basic local voice and data communications across a small defined area to assist in the rescue, relief and rehabilitation operations in times of disaster.

By Ronnel Domingo
Philippine Daily Inquirer
First Posted 08:11:00 10/03/2009

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