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January 16, 2010

Piggy is a 30ish ahjumma stuck in an investment bank as a slave. She finds happiness taking care of her piggery and entertainment watching Korean shows. She cures stress through buffet therapy .

For over a year now, this has been the description that I have bestowed upon myself for this blog's purpose. In a few months from now I will be changing this. To hopefully a more positive description and outlook in life. I've spent a year and a month now with my present company and I've been unhappy for the entire time. True, I may not have given it the chance. But it also did not give the chance that I need to prove that I can do it. To show what I can do.

Funny. But investment banks are known to give higher pay than the usual market. But they don't get as much return (in terms of employee performance) as others who pay less. And the simple reason? Because, investment banks have no feelings. They don't treat you like family or as part of the business. They just need you to keep the business running. They don't care whether its you or another person doing the job for as long as the business is running. They pay more but they get less. Because its typically what they're asking for.

Maybe I don't make sense. But. Anyway. Crap.

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