ABS-CBN is Electioneering?

Electioneering - persuasion of voters in a political campaign.

This post may come strong for Kapamilya fans. But I really think and believe that ABS-CBN is guilty of electioneering.

#1 Kris Aquino. She's campaigning for her brother on her show (obvious ba?) and she's also getting funds for her brother (all those thank you thank you to sponsors who help them a lot.. gezzz!).

#2 Here's the really blatant act. ABS-CBN have this commercial for TFC card reload that comes very often on TFC. And guess what? It has Noynoy's picture and video cap! Hmmm... I can't complain to BOTO mo PATROL mo coz it's owned by ABS-CBN... does GMA have a similar election watch?

Whachatink Kapamilyas?


girlay said...

i agree!!! irritating tfc ad!

Anonymous said...

I agree! they're conditioning the minds of the people for their own interest.

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