Chris Weitz Bails on 'Breaking Dawn'; Twi-Hard Nation Sheds Sparkly Tear, Wonders What's Next

March 07, 2010

Sorry, Twi-hards; Chris Weitz has some bad news for you.

After months of feverish speculation, the New Moon director's rep has confirmed that Weitz won't be on board for Breaking Dawn, the final installment (or is that installments?) of The Twilight Saga. According to the rep, it was Weitz's decision not to carry on with the series.

But even though he won't be ordering sexy vamps and werewolves around anymore, Weitz will be keeping busy over the next year or so; despite his earlier suggestions that he might quit the movie biz, the Golden Compass helmsman has several new projects in the works, including the pick-up comedy The Game (based on the Neil Strauss novel), American Pie 4 and the intriguingly titled Another Bullsh*t Night in Suck City (which is probably the exact sentiment that many Twi-hards are experiencing upon reading this news).

Source: Celebuzz

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