Crowd goes hysteric at Brown Eyed Girls Concert here

March 04, 2010

The Brown Eyed Girls are undeniably one of Korea's sexiest girl groups with their gyrating moves and swaying hips. The alluring quartet pulled off a bewitching one-night only performance at the Sundown Live Concert in Zouk last Saturday to more than a thousand party troopers.
The mini-concert was kicked off with an opening act put up by famous Korean dance troop, Sachoom. They spun, flipped, and got the eager crowd chanting and moving on their feet with their energetic dance routine.
Styled in their signature black studded leather outfits, hot pants, laced-up boots, and bodysuits, the girls finally took the stage and performed their hit song, 'Abracadabra', with the hysterical crowd chanting and cheering in the background. Clearly the crowd's favourites, fans went wild when it was Narsha's and Ga-in's turns to perform in the song. Throughout the performance, arms shot up and out of the barricades as fans attempted to score a handshake with their sexy idols.
Despite their minimal understanding of English, the girls tried their best to communicate and interact with fans in-between their song performances with the help of a translator. The girls went back to their R&B ballad roots after the first two dance tracks (Abracadabra and LOVE), and displayed their powerhouse vocals with two English ballad titles.
After a short break where we saw a performance put up by fellow Korean singer Lee An, the sexy quartet returned for a more intimate game session with fans. It was a role-reversal moment as eight lucky fans went onstage to entertain the bemused girls' in a short game segment where they had to either croon or dance to one of the Brown Eyed Girl's tracks.
Instead of ending the night with much aplomb from a rousing performance of their hit single 'Sign', the girls opted to perform a slower track from their second album, giving them more opportunities to interact with fans. These appreciative idols drove the crowd wild when they took flowers, letters, and little gifts from squealing fans. Security was even called in to stand against the barriers to prevent fans from toppling and falling over while reaching out to shake the hands of their beloved girls.
In the words of the girls before they left, "We hope to come back to Singapore very soon again." And you can bet your last won that we won't be seeing the last of the Brown Eyed Girls.

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