Jerry Yan spends S$300,000 to make new photobook

March 04, 2010

Jerry Yan recently traveled Down Under to shoot photographs for his new pictorial book. He spent a staggering NT$6 million (S$300,000) in production fees, making him the first celebrity in Taiwan to spend such an amount.

It could be money well spent. The last time Jerry released a photobook, Amphibian, eight years ago, 100,000 copies were sold, creating a new sales record.

Inspired by a farm he once saw in Melbourne, he chose to set the photo shoot for the next book titled 9314 Man and Boy in Northern Australia.

His entire entourage of experienced make-up artists, stylists, and helpers for the shoot which lasted eight days, cost him S$75,000.

The 33-year-old opted to sport a bare-faced look to let fans have a glimpse of the "real me." In order for ensure he had proper sun coverage and protection, a make-up artist was specially invited from Japan. "This is definitely the biggest challenge for me in make-up!" Aiko sighed.

Jerry brought along had seven suitcases of clothes, cameras and other bulky items to transport from Taiwan to Australia, spending an additional S$5,000 on baggage costs.

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