Jerry Yan talks about his girl woes and a broken nose

March 28, 2010

Apart from being a rebellious teenager who partook in gang activities when he was younger, Taiwanese actor-singer Jerry Yan unknowingly dated a gang leader's girlfriend and ended up with a broken nose.

Jerry came clean about his wild and rebellious past in his latest photo book, 9314 Man and Boy. The 33-year-old artiste described his high school years as a colourful one where he "had two different identities for school and after school." He was a class monitor and goody-two-shoes in school, and became the underling of a gang after classes ended.

The strapping tall actor reckoned that growing up in a single-parent family has instilled "a fear of isolation" within him, and he wanted to "find a sense of belonging" somewhere.

A popular figure in school, Jerry recalled that one of the school belles had feelings for him but the good-looking one "did not read too much into it as I was busy doing odd jobs." One evening, he met that girl at the school gate and thought that she was the girl mentioned in the rumours. He eventually fell for her and the pair began meeting one another on the sly.

Drama ensued when Jerry discovered that he was dating a two-timing girl who had a gang leader boyfriend. He later suffered a broken nose after receiving a bashing from the gang leader's underlings.

Source: Yahoo

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