Kris Aquino : Queen of OA

Gosh. I don't know if it's just me .. but Kris Aquino is the Ultimate brat. Worst than Paris Hilton (who looks cute despite her actions). Kris cannot even merit a best actress award on her recent crying episode. I like Kim and Gerald, but Kris' acting is making me cringe that I've stopped watching their series. I agree in one of the comments on this video. Kris Aquino is too old to be an insensitive brat. And she should stop saying that people are using her to lambast Noynoy (even though she is indeed a reason). Because the truth is that she's the one doing all the drama for Noynoy (who probably doesn't appreciate all the drama)... Gosh.. I really hope Noynoy doesn't win.. Kris might take the credit.

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