PAL: 70th birthday!

March 15, 2010

PAL is giving you a free seat on your 70th birthday. Let's make it a double 70 year celebration.

In line with the grand celebration of our Anniversary on 15March 2010, Philippine Airlines is offering a special promo for passengers turning 70 within the period of 15Mar 2010 to 15Apr 2010.
  • A person who will be celebrating his or her 70th birthday within the period 15March 2010 to 15April 2010 will be entitled to get an FOC ticket on any domestic sector flown by Philippine Airlines, provided he or she travels with a companion who will purchase a revenue ticket with the same routing and same class of service as the FOC ticket on any booking class except fare basis OAN/PAN. Both passengers should travel together on all sectors of the ticket
  • The FOC ticket may be claimed at any PAL ticket office with the presentation of a proof of age and birthday. Claiming of the FOC ticket will be from 15March to 15April 2010 and travel period will be from 15May 2010 to 31August 2010
  • The FOC ticket and the revenue ticket should be purchased at the same time and should be on closed booking basis. Purchase can only be done through any PAL ticket office
  • The FOC ticket and the revenue ticket may be rebooked provided that they will still travel together. The following service fees apply :
    • Rebooking fee PHP 600 / sector
    • Reissue fee PHP 600 / transaction
    • No Show Surcharge PHP 600 / sector
    • Refund Service fee PHP 600 / transaction
  • Claiming of FOC and purchase of ticket of travelling companion is available only at PAL Ticket offices.

Please call our 24 hours reservations office at (632) 855-8888 or visit any PAL ticket office.

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