Reacting to headlines

March 13, 2010
Piggy reacting to headlines again...

Charice cries as feud between ma, grandma rages on
Well, at least its clear she's taking her mom's side. Never really liked her but in this fight we are not in the position to judge since we don't know their real story. She's become famous its natural to have more relatives and friends. But her grandma could be telling the truth. But we'll never know.

Arroyo vows not to interfere in May 10 polls
Really? No more hello Garci? Heard Mikey's still running as congressman hiding through a party list.. haizz.. final reaction to this headline.. weh?

Kris-Noynoy show off and running
What credibility does this girl have that Filipinos actually believe her. Buy the products she endorses and actually believe her. Gosh. It would be soooo good to see Noynoy lose if only to lower this girl's ego.

Ampatuans will miss Pacquiao-Clottey match
Huh? Is this an issue. What about justice for the massacre victims?

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