Why the Wonder Girls have Nobody to love

March 11, 2010

Hollywood hunks like Johnny Depp, Hugh Jackman, and Robert Pattison have found fans in Korean girl group The Wonder Girls. But men not blessed in the genetics department needn't fret. These girls are equally open to just about anybody and everybody as Park Ye-eun (better known as Yenny) says, "We don't really care about races or colours."

But so far, their love lives have been anything but colourful, "We haven't really met boys in the states. We are quite busy touring all the states (in America)," she continued to explain.

Currently busy with the promotional activities for their latest English single, Nobody, the girls (Park Ye-eun, Min Sun Ye, Ahn Sohee, Kim Yubin, Yu Hae Lim) have their hands full preparing for the May/June worldwide release of their upcoming music album. It doesn't help that it will be recorded with songs in three different languages (Korean, English, and Chinese) to "satisfy fans from all over the world."

They're the most successful Korean girl group in the US market, but the start before the breakthrough was all but bumpy. They were sent to attend English classes in America and confessed that "the language" was the biggest obstacle" for them.

The girls have had intensive English lessons for less than a year, and while their grasp of the language is far from perfect, there's already an American accent when they speak. "Except Yubin, we've never lived in the US before, so we really needed to learn English very hard. And we're still learning English very hard [now]," quipped Yenny in crisp American accent.

Despite being far from home, the girls aren't worried about the increasing competition or losing base with their Korean fans.

"This is just a miracle to be able to do what we are doing now," Min Sun Ye gushed in response while Yenny the most eloquent speaker of the group, reiterated, "We don't really try to keep our place on top [of the game]. We just try to deliver our music and try to interact with fans."

And their game plan for keeping in touch with international fans? Social media networking platform, Twitter.

"To be honest, that's why we try to tweet a lot. We can still talk to our fans through twitter," the giggly girls agreed in unison.

The quintet changed the landscape of K-pop in the world with their catchy rifts and signature dance moves in their hit song 'Nobody'. And despite all that fame and success under their belts, they remained unbelievably humble and grounded when asked to differentiate themselves from other girl groups in Korea.

The group's leader, Sun Ye, replied with a slight drawl, "Yeah, I wonder too.

"We are really not that pretty, and not that smart. We are not that good at singing and dancing, I think. We are just really grateful that people are enjoying our music, dance, and everything. Yeah, so thankful for that."

Looks like fans will be in for a surprise this coming May/June. The girls played coy and refused to divulge details of their upcoming new concept. They hemmed and hawed for a few moments before Yenny flashed a cheeky grin and chirped, "No comments!"

The Wonder Girl's latest music single, Nobody, is available at all leading record stores.

Credits: Yahoo

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