Can she collect $1 Million?

April 07, 2010

This local girl aims to make a million bucks in just a year. Her plan? Get people -10,000,000 of them - to each give her ten cents. The 21-year-old blithely says she has no occupation because she 'doesn't want to work'.

The girl, nicknamed 'hollyho1989', does not appear to offer anything in exchange for the money. According to a poster sent by STOMPer Joshii, the girl simply hopes people will be 'nice' and give her the money.

She even provides her bank account number so that people can transfer the money to her.

STOMP followed the link on the poster and found that her account was started just a week ago. Thus far she has not uploaded any videos and she has no recent activity on her account.

Source: Stomp

Piggy: Whatchatink? Can she collect $1Million as she wishes? Well.. everyone is entitled for their own gimmicks in order to earn money. Guess she just chose the easy way. And I'm helping her by featuring her here.. Hmm.. will she share some $$$ with me? :p

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