Jang Dong-gun's fiancée Go So Young is pregnant

April 27, 2010

Wedding bells will be ringing for Korean actors Jang Dong-gun and Go So Young next month. It will be a double celebration for the couple as Jang announced that his wife-to-be is currently three months pregnant.

Through his management agency, the 38-year-old actor expressed that they are "both past marriageable age" and thus "decided to get married early this year."

Apart from revealing that both he and Go "have made preparation to have children a long ago," Jang shared that their respective parents were elated at this piece of joyous news.

The couple feels that this is the "best present" they have received thus far. Korean netizens have also been very supportive and offered the couple their most sincere blessings.

After Jang and Go's clandestine two-year relationship was exposed, there have been numerous talks of an impending marriage plans. At his recent fan-meeting held in March, Jang formally acknowledge the news and announced that he will be marrying his bride on 2nd May this year.

Source: Xin.sg

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