Bei ShanChuan at Vivocity

May 05, 2010
We had SteamBoat buffet for dinner at Bei ShanChuan at Vivo City few weeks back. Paid a little over $50 for the buffet dinner for 2 plus 2 drinks.

You get to choose 2 soups. So we got chicken and tom yam soup. The chicken was ok, whereas the Tom Yam soup was weird.

Loved the fact that they have move than the steamboat stuff for buffet. They also got pepper crab, shrimps, chicken, rice and other dishes plus the nice nice fruits.

Hmm the pepper crab was really really tasty! Too bad I was reserving my tummy space for the steam boat.

The chicken was also quite nice. They later in the evening had chicken wings as well which was a bit oily but nice still.

Lots of choices for the steamboat. Love the pork which tasted like bacon.

It was a bit crowded with very little room to move around, so that when people want to go to the buffet table or leave the place they'd trouble you to pass. It was a little inconvenient. The view of Sentosa was a good bonus though.

Oh, 3 of the staff is from the Philippines. So communicating was not tough for foreigners like us. :p

Oh we didn't eat so much that it felt like we were short changed. It was a good experience though but I guess buffet is not practical for people who don't have such a big appetite. :)

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