Cork Cellar Kitchen

May 12, 2010
I had a very nice lunch today at Cork Cellar Kitchen with the boss. At first I was thinking it was gonna be a super awkward lunch since I'm not really a fan of having lunch or dinner with big bosses. And although, I love food, and I love fine dining, I do so with my husband only. So having fine dining sorta lunch with the big boss was a big change. It was part of the company policy to maybe welcome the new joiners in the company.

I think the boss saw my dilemma that he graciously offered to help us decipher what those menu are. I saw the word sausage so I went for the safe choice. I couldn't remember the exact term for it though. But when it came, it was pasta with tomato sauce coupled with sausage and chili. I wasn't expecting anything special or whatever but was happy to find myself having a very fine lunch. It was good. It should be cause it cost $24 without GST and all those other charges.

The place was pretty busy at lunch time, all tables occupied. With most of them being Western folks. The service was pretty fast too. The ambience was very very nice as well.

Will I eat there again? Yes if its still free. :)

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