Ella Chen once sexually harassed on train

May 05, 2010
S.H.E's Ella Chen was herself a victim of sexual harassment on public transport.

The boyish singer-actress revealed this at the group's endorsement event for the Taipei metro.

The incident happened on a train during her schooling days. She had dozed off with a man standing close to her.

Ella said that before long, she felt him rubbing against her elbow, which shook her up. She got up to confront him but he took off immediately.

The 28-year-old expressed that one would know if one has been sexually harassed. She took the opportunity to remind girls to stand up for themselves bravely and not to silently accept such behaviour.

Sexual harassment on public transport is believed to be a social phenomenon that's rampant but often goes unreported. Victims often dismiss them as unintended or are at a loss to speak up.

In a poll conducted in Singapore last year, it was found that four in 10 undergraduates here have encountered such harassment on buses and trains. Less than five percent did anything about it when it happened.
Source: Yahoo

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