May 11, 2010

A lot of my FB friends are unhappy that Noynoy is the apparent winner for Philippines 2010 Elections. I am unhappy too. But hey come to think about it, if Noynoy didn't run, then it would be Mar Roxas on his place. And Mar is having hard time fighting with Binay at the VP raise. What can he do against Erap. So guys before you complain that we have an abnormal Mama's boy as new president, think about the positive side of it. At least we didn't have Erap back. :)


girlay said...

I am pro yellow...and I agree if Noynoy did not run, kawawa naman ang pinas kung si Erap. Ngvote kaw? who did you vote?

please change na pala yung link mo sakin to or =)

Mom said...

We really can't have Erap back even if he wins, it's the law. It was a surprise that he got a huge votes. They should have stop him in the first place.

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