Hyun Bin's "got feel": Tang Wei

May 10, 2010
Who was the last man Chinese actress Tang Wei felt something for, having acted with some of the biggest names in showbiz?

The tantalizing kimchi Hyun Bin, apparently.

Tang Wei attended the opening of luxury time brand Jaeger-LeCoultre's flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui recently, decked out in an Escada outfit and a HK$870,000 (S$154,000) diamond watch. Other guests included Lynn Hung and Mikki Yao.

When reporters asked about recent rumours of the 30-year-old seeing a Chinese heir, she denied it flatly, "Fate doesn't look at 'prerequisites'. You'll like what you like.

"The last person I developed a 'feel' for was my co-star in Late Autumn, Hyun Bin, but that was limited to the role's romance. I've since dropped the character because I'm an actress."

Late Autumn is a 2010 remake of the 1966 Japanese film of the same name.

Tang Wei called Hyun Bin a conscientious, hardworking actor of few words. As they could only communicate in English, sparks might not have been able to fly, she said.

After her controversial appearance in Lust, Caution opposite screen king Tony Leung, Tang Wei has since acted with Cantopop legend Jacky Cheung in Crossing Hennessy and Hyun Bin.

Who, between the latter and Tony, is manlier?

"They're very different men! Every man is competitive, especially actors, and that makes each one unique," was her diplomatic answer.

Source: Xin.sg

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