National Health Survey 2010

May 06, 2010
Here's an update on my experience for the National Health Survey. Well, found that the Polyclinic was very very neat and clean.. I guess I was expecting something to the level of provincial hospitals in the Philippines.

I arrived at the Polyclinic few minutes after 8, and it was good since there were less people for the survey that early so I managed to finish most of the tests quite fast. They took 4 test tubes of blood (I felt giddy afterwards since I've lost enough blood for the day!). Then was forced to drink one bottle of orange glucose drink. (Haha, my hubby said they don't know me... I drink Tru-Orange like water!)

The hearing test was funny. The lady said to raise my hand when I hear sound. So when the door opened I raised my hand --- hehehe! The interview was also funny. Some of the questions were like, "are you unhappy lately? have you lost sleep because of stress lately? do you think less of yourself?" (sort of like that, but not the actual words.) hehehe.. I was happy today so it was like no no no.

I had to wait for 2 hours for another round of the blood test, and the wait was a bit boring.

But hey, was glad with the $40 NTUC voucher they gave after finishing the survey. And oh, they got some refreshments after (sandwich and coffee).

But hmm.. my throat is super itchy after drinking the Orange Glucose Drink... Ohhh nooo... MC?

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