Nintendo profits fall on declining Wii sales

May 07, 2010
TOKYO (AFP) - – Videogame giant Nintendo Co. posted a decline in full year net profit on Thursday and forecast a continued slump next year as sales of its Wii console slow amid a dearth of big software releases.

The maker of the hit series "Super Mario Bros" saw net profit fall 18 percent in the year to March as it cut prices of the Wii in response to competition from Sony and Microsoft in the multi-billion dollar industry.

Nintendo cut the Wii's price by a fifth last September, the first such move since the family-friendly console was launched in 2006 with a motion-sensing controller that can simulate a gun, sword or golf club.

"This fiscal year, business performance was negatively impacted by a price reduction on Wii hardware, fewer strong Wii software titles in the first half and appreciation of the yen," the company said in a statement.

The relatively stronger yen eroded overseas earnings when repatriated back home. Net profit fell 18.1 percent to 228.64 billion yen (2.45 billion dollars) in the year to March from a year earlier, primarily due to weak sales earlier in 2009. Revenue was down 22 percent to 1.43 trillion yen.

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