Stop it Kris

May 02, 2010

Kris said she had already posted her comment on her Twitter account, where she stated, "​I saw endorsement tvc of Pinoy sports icon saying words to the effect na laban ng laban wala naman napatunayan. In politics, Noy has won 3 straight terms sa Congress & won almost 15 million votes sa Senatorial in 2007. How sad na he didn't think na in politics- knock out nga sya. In politics si Noy ang may napatunayan because Noy has never lost an election! Ika nga, undefeated ang record nya!"

Uh, Kris, I think it's not about winning the elections. It's about how you did while you were in service. By answering this way, its just like proving that Noynoy indeed didn't prove anything during all the years he was in service. Geez.

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