Churches of Albay

June 30, 2010
Another reason to visit Bicol is the amazing church architecture.

Tahao Road - Newest Church in Albay. My brother got married in the church just a few days after it was formally opened. Who needs aircon when you can enjoy the pollution-free fresh fresh air of Legazpi City?

Daraga Church. This is where most of my friends get married, even my sister chose this because of the long aisle and old but very solemn ambiance. Add the amazing view you get since this church is located on a hill in Daraga.

St. Raphael Church. Ah.. brings back so much memories. This is where my mom and I always attend Sunday mass while growing up. This is where my sister, Melissa, would sing Ama Namin in a very very loud (*cough* ugly *cough*) voice.

Albay Church. This is the nearest church near our school so most of school events requiring church are held here. Most memorable for me is the grade school graduation.

St Jude Church. Where all prayers are answered. I am a huge believer of St. Jude novena. This is a very small church but very very powerful.

Iglesia ni Cristo. I grew up thinking some princess lives here. Haha. I thought it was a castle. It's huge and majestic indeed.

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