Guard Dog

June 23, 2010
I was so pissed off that I couldn't help but blog this.. errmm.. I've posted this to STOMP as well.

It was around 7pm and the bus was very very crowded. I was traveling from Shenton way to Vivo City (not so sure where the bus' final destination is). When I boarded a lot of people were already standing and I noticed this fat guy (having an irritating smirk at his face) guarding another seat. He placed his stuff on the seat then extended his arms so no one could take a seat.

At first I thought his wife or gf will be boarding some time soon so I ignored it. But then the bus got more crowded. And he has not budged an inch.

Even when an old aunt came and stood in front of him but he still didn't budge. I posted his pix on STOMP but I'm too irritated that I do not want to see his face on my blog. Talk about KAPAL!

1 comment:

girlay said...

ay naku....tsk tsk...mga kapal naman talaga yang mga yan...kung ako cguro nandun sa bus na sinakyan mo, i will really tell him to share some seat lalo na yung may old aunt na.

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