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June 15, 2010
Not sure if u guys noticed, been inactive for a while. Posting features and links here and there to keep the blog alive and the traffic moving. Well, been busy this past few weeks.


Found myself programming a lot lately. Shell scripting, perl, java and even macro for excel. Dont ask me why I'm using so many languages coz I also don't know and just following orders. Not easy especially that I've been working as system admin for so many years and my programming experience is limited to my university thesis many years ago.

But hey not complaining. I suck in programming but I'm enjoying the learning experience and definitely welcomes the challenge.


Last Saturday managed to get away from my programming woes and managed to go to the parlor for a much needed hair care. Wanted highlights and a little trim but somehow got myself to go for rebonding. The process lasted for 5 hours with $130 hole in my wallet.

The bad news? After rebonding I realized I wasn't happy with it. Just like I wasn't happy with it the first time I did it a few years back. Haizz. How stupig of me the commit the same mistake twice? But.. what's done is done... what's past is past. I can't do anything about it now. Just have to wait it out.


I haven't done it yet but have scheduled it this weekend. I managed to buy muffin baking pan today at Tangs. (You better not change your mind or else I'd be so crying.. haha!) Very very excited to try doing some icing tricks for the first time.

Short life of Bree Tanner

Well it was indeed a very short life.. errr... book. I finished it with my trip from my home to office last Monday. Well, I'm a twilighter so don't expect any bad things coming from me. In fact, like every other loyal Twilighter, I loved it. It was good to know how the new vamps were doing while the Cullens worried and prepared for them. I'm a sucker for happy endings, so I somehow, wished that Bree would like to have a happy life with Fred. But hey, we all know what happened to her in Eclipse right?

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