Pho Vietnamese Delights

June 19, 2010
Eating daily at Lau Pa Sat can be tiring, so last Friday, we decided to venture out farther. Another colleague recommended Pho 99 Vietnamese Delights located just in front of Amoy Food Centre.

The place is small thus cannot accommodate lots of people. We had to wait almost 30 minutes to get seated. The service was quite fast so I guess it's ok to wait to get seated.

The food was nothing fantastic. But it wasn't bad either. I think it was a bit on the expensive side being $11.90 for the sliced beef soup with coffee and 2 pieces of fried

Fried ---? I forgot the name. In the Philippines, we simply call this lumpia shanghai. :D

Sliced beef with beef ball noddles

Chicken noddle soup

Robusta Coffee! (watch out for my next post on Robusta coffee -- my latest obsession!)

Ok, here's a piece of tip. They offer $11.90 for the set meal. But DO NOT attempt to change anything. Every little thing have additional $ on it. Example, I wanted it fresh not fried...+$1. I wanted spicy beef.. $2. My friend wanted rice set rather than noddle set $1... so its $$$$.

I'd come back for the coffee.

Contact Information:
57 Amoy Street S(69883)
Tel: 9768 8735

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