Where to?

June 06, 2010
For few weeks now, been planning to go somewhere for vacation as last year we didn't get to go overseas. The choices were:

(1) Seoul. Well, we've been there before. But I love Korea. So it was a natural option. But my hubby was apprehensive since there's a friction between North and South and he says it won't be so safe (as if its safe anywhere else.. hehe).

(2) Tokyo. We've been there a few years back and we loved it. It would be nice to go back and have a second look at our favorite city in the world.

(3) Sydney. Well, we haven't been there but have always been interested. And now seems like a good time to visit a new country? We have friends there so I would be a nice visit.

(4) Canada. But it seems like 5 days isn't enough.. so I'm saving this for December. :D

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