AU visa

July 23, 2010

We (finally!) applied for Australian visa the other day. The AU embassy is just beside the US embassy, but I noticed that the AU embassy seems more strict in terms of security. About 6 people before us but it took us all 15 minutes to get inside the premises due to the security check. They made us leave our phones and my hubby got scolded for having a lot of coins. :p

In the visa section, the queue wasn't very long. In less than 10 minutes, we were already called for our turn. Okay here's the deal, you only need:

1. Employment certificate. Addressed to the embassy.
2. Bank statement.
3. Passport sized picture
4. Fully filled up form.
5. $162 SGD.

Do not bring anything else anymore. Or you'll get scolded. Haha. We got our 2nd scolding from the fierce lady. In the Philippines, when applying visa, we are always asked for Income TAX statement. In the Philippines, people present all property statements when applying for visa. Okay, DO NOT do that here. They don't need it. And you'll get scolded. The lady fiercely said, "Why you showing me your TAX statement? It does not prove you have enough money to fund your travel!"

Less than 10 minutes after the scolding, we were holding our Australian visa. And now confused. Should we still go to Australia?

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