Couch Potato

July 14, 2010
These are the shows keeping me busy and glued to my couch. :)

Bite me with Dr. Mike

Terrible guy. He actually lets weird stuff bite him. Blood blood blood.

Ultimate Cake Off

Bake bake bake!

Man vs Food

Oh gosh! This guy defines what huge appetite means.

The Apprentice

The US version was interesting. This British version is more amusing. The accent itself is enough to keep me glued in. :D

Project Runway - Season 6

Hmm.. wonder what season this is now. But I'm currently watching the series with Althea. Hmm Oh well. She didn't win (Opps! Was this a spoiler?)

True Blood

Well. Definitely different from the Twilight franchise. Not even as pretty as the Twilight folks. More like vampire for old people (I won't call it adults). It's not that I'm a really really fan of this series, just that there's nothing else but this on HBO. Oh.. there's Twilight in HBO. But Twilight that stars OLD people!

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