Ikea Food

July 04, 2010
Generally, people go to Ikea for some home furnishing/stuff shopping. For me, shopping is the excuse to go to Ikea. I go there to EAT.

All time favorite would be the Chicken Wings. Probably best in Singapore. (Hmm.. I wonder if they serve this dish on other Ikea branches outside SG?)

Sweden is popular for meatballs. I got to try it when I went for a short trip to Gotenberg few years back. The meatballs there were huge compare to Ikea's midgets. :D But hey, Sweden is many hours away from here and Ikea's meatballs is good enough. :)

Just found out that their Blueberry Cheese Cake is also delish!

And did you know they actually have monthly free recipes? Nice nice nice!

Credits: Pictures as labeled. :)

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