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July 12, 2010

Viva Espana! Viva Paul de Octopus!
So.. Yep.. the Octopus was right! Indeed Spain won the 2010 FIFA!

Programming Addict
I've been programming/scripting non-stop this whole day.
I've never done this much scripting before! And yep, this picture says it all.
Perl, Java.. why do you sound like some sort of drinks for me?

Disaster Recovery Rehearsal
We've done 3 this year, and we have scheduled 2 more over the next 3 weeks. And guess what? Another one this weekend. Geezz. Just how many rehearsals do we need? Hmm.. anyway.. free buffet food for lunch, tea and dinner isn't so bad. Ok, bring it on!

Job Referral
I've moved quite a fair bit since I came to SG. It has advantages and disadvantages. Disadvantage in the sense that I think I've become a job hopper. But advantage in the sense that my network has grown. My friend list (hmm acquaintances?) have grown. Very happy today that a friend has just landed a job out of my referral. Nice nice! I've referred quite a number also here in SG, hopefully all happy. Haha. This picture is for Len (except for the wage part the picture says it all!) :D

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