Why I Hate TFC

July 10, 2010
Kris Aquino's Acting

It's TERRIBLE! She wasted what's supposed to be a good series. Geez.

Anna's Trading

Have you seen the commercial? #$#@. We're paying $16 per month for supposed to be cable service therefore no commercials. Yet we are forced to watch this hideous commercial. I thought Philippines' is one of the best in terms of advertising.


Commercial pa lang.. This is wasting ABS-CBN's talent. Why copy when they have proven they can very well write and produce original projects?

Star Balikbayan

Ano ba? Why are you guys allowing ABS-CBN to humilate you this way? Napaka-JOLOGS. Like EWWWW!

Anyway, it was super funny especially this girl from Singapore. She was treated to Mang Inasal (or something). Then she said she's very happy because there's not much chicken in Singapore. I was like.. HA?! What happened to Chicken Rice? I mean I see CHICKEN here more often than PORK! Are you sure you're from Singapore?

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