Xi Yan

July 17, 2010

We had team dinner at Xi Yan last night. I wasn't expecting anything fancy so I was (a bit) caught off-guard. It was indeed private dining with only our team and 2 other couples dining.

Here's what they served us:
Green house tomatoes in wasabi sesame sauce

Abalone ginseng chicken soup

Drunken prawns in Shanghainese wine marinade

Stir fried silk tofu in golden yolk sauce

Roast chicken with fragnant spiced cumin

Shrimp paste fish with pomelo salad

Xi Yan signature tang yuan in old ginger soup

To me, fine dining is synonymous with very little food. Haha. Good thing they served quite slow therefore somehow the small servings wasn't so obvious. Tip: Have heavy lunch and a modest tea before coming down to Xi Yan.

Ambience was it was very very nice. Perfect for dates and probably for proposals! Or dates. Beware that you have to book in advance. :)

NOTE: Pictures not mine. All from google image search. Haha. Sorry I was too shy to take pictures. It was such a classy place and ambiance was very good. Didn't want to look so jologs. :D

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