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August 18, 2010
In our recent trip to Sydney, we decided to take the Sydney Explorer Bus (Hop On Hop Off) 24 hour pass for $40 each. It starts at 8:40 AM from Central Quay and ends at 7:20pm. We managed to catch the 9:40AM trip from Central station. The driver was a friendly Filipino guy so he had a few tips to share.

At first we thought that maybe because he's Filipino so he was having a lot of side comments (which made the trip funny) but later as we hopped on and hopped off, we realized most of the other drivers are the same. The funniest was the last driver who was Chinese. As we passed by Harry's Cafe at Woolloomooloo Bay he said the Cafe is very popular but he's tasted it and found nothing spectacular about it. Haha. I don't think Tourism board would be too happy with his remarks.

So, Anyway, here are my favorite stops:

#1: (Bondi) The Gap Park : Amazing view. Amazing view. Nice fish and chips from Doyles too. We spent about an hour at this stop.

#2: (Bondi) Rose Bay Convent : The bus stops for about 5 minutes here for picture taking. Lovely convent. Lovely view.

#3: (Bondi) Circular Quay : Hmm, because it's our Mile 0. Everything seemed to start from this point. Lots of food. Amazing view of the Harbour, of the bridge, of the Opera House. Ferries. Crazy tourist traps (I bought kids shirt for 3 for $36 and later found out that it's sold $6 a piece at the China Town!)

#4: (Sydney) Mrs Macquarie's Chair : Gosh, I love this place! Too bad the 20 minutes wasn't enough. Felt that 40min (for the next bus) is an overkill, besides we didn't have a lot of time left. I'd love to come back to this place in the future.

#5 (Sydney) Milson's Point : It's not really the point. It was more of the experience of crossing the bridge. Awesome!

#6 (Sydney) Queen Victoria's Building : Beautiful building, cool street. Quite near to a very beautiful church (the name escaped me).

#7 (Sydney) Imax/Chinese Gardens : We didn't have time to visit Chinese Gardens, but we made Imax our last stop to experience the biggest Imax screen in the world. At over $50 bucks for me and my hubby it was an expensive movie experience but OK. We don't really plan it but seems like we really do watch a movie in the cities we visit (we did the same in Seoul before).

#8 (
Sydney) The Rocks: Love love The Rocks. Hey, the dinner at Pancake on the Rocks with Cookie and family was awesome (Thanks thanks Cookie and Henry! and Harvey - the little Filipino-Chinese kid in Sydney who sings amazing Korean songs! Wish I could take you home with me!)

#9 (Bondi) Bondi Beach : There wasn't much too see as it isn't summer yet. But still the Beach is very nice. Small but nice. It was like it was man made beach.

I'm sad that we didn't get to visit the following:

(Sydney) National Maritime Museum : I regret that we didn't get to see the inside of the ships. My hubby was disappointed too. There wasn't enough time considering we didn't spend a lot of time in the stops and didn't even get to stop at all points.

(Sydney) Sydney Aquarium/Sydney Wildlife World : We would have loved to visit these attractions if we had more time.

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allthingschuva said...

it's because you spent a lot of time eating. LOL! some attractions are worth missing if it comes in the way of food.

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