September 06, 2010

Watched 2 Filipino movies today, both about sisters with the elder sacrificing her life and happiness for her younger sister. First is Hating Kapatid starring Judy Ann and Sarah. Well, I guess they wanted to make a comedy. Because they were trying so hard to make the audience laugh but failed miserably. The jokes are old, the plot isn't thick enough for a movie. It was too obvious that the producers just wanted to make money out of the big stars. Too obvious that they were trying to hide Juday's tummy. And Sarah. My my Sarah. Love her but in this movie she was wasted. The whole movie felt like a big commercial ad for Sarah. Nakakapangilabot sa inis.

In Your Eyes on the other hand, targeted the more mature audience with so many kissing and love scenes. Felt Claudine was a little too chubby that it was distracting. Richard Gutierrez' acting was.. uhhh.. lame? Anne, as always, was beautiful. And serious, perhaps the most serious in making this film between the 3 leads. The promo focused on the love scenes. But I didn't see much, except for the kisses. Felt that they didn't have to shoot overseas since they didn't actually show it in the movie.

In the end, I'd say that In Your Eyes was a better movie that Hating Kapatid (which was a total trash!) Sarah and Juday deserves a better movie.

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