Rediscovering Sorsogon

December 11, 2010
My dad and my uncle insisted on a day trip to Sorsogon to visit their ancestral home during our last vacation. So from Legaspi, we headed for a road trip of around 2 hours to Sorsogon plus another 30 minutes to reach Gubat, Sorsogon.

We visited the ancestral home to pay respect to our ancestors (grandparents and great grandparents -- I guess the rest we cannot trace as they were from China).

Then we headed to Rizal Beach. This beach holds a lot of memories to our family having spent majority of school holidays and holy weeks on this little paradise. My uncle was insisting that there's some kind of force or 'good bacteria' in the waters of Rizal beach that is good for our health.

Lunch was a combination of what we bought from Legazpi Airport and what Rizal beach restaurant served us. It was nothing spectacular but definitely very local.

Binatong- best served with dash of sugar. :)

Local Pancit Canton

Kosido - Bicol's version of Sinigang

Snipes - kawawang little birds

And who could resist these charming souvenirs?

After lunch, we headed to Bulusan lake. Ahh, it was a very long drive with a mixture of rough roads and frequent army checks (I guess because of the NPA presence). It was also very scary how 5pm looks SUPER dark in that area. We didn't have time to do anything apart from a few snapshots.

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