iPhone alarm bug?

January 01, 2011
SINGAPORE: Some iPhone 4 users got off to a bad start in the New Year when the alarm function of their phones failed to go off, apparently due to a bug in the smart phone's operating system.

One affected user is Alex Lam, who called the Channel NewsAsia hotline.

"I set my alarm last night for 6.30 this morning. I only received a call from my colleague at 8am, and that was when I realised I was already late for work," Mr Lam said.

"I immediately went to work and noticed my colleagues were also late because their iPhone alarms also didn't go off."

The problem was first reported in Australia and New Zealand, which were the first countries to ring in the New Year.

And complaints have been coming fast and furious on social networking sites such as Twitter.

According to tech websites, users can avoid the problem by setting the alarm to the "repeat" mode.

iPhone maker Apple has not yet made an official comment.

But it had promised an upgrade of the operating system soon, following similar glitches in November when the phone's clock failed to register the switch from daylight savings time.

Source: Channel News Asia

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