January 02, 2011
In Singapore, one of the most common crimes committed is vandalism. It's a common tactic of loan sharks to splash paints on door/gates on HDBs. Recently they've become more aggressive that they splash the neighboring units to put pressure on those that owe them money. Yeh, I know, terribly unfair. But these loan sharks are criminals. You can't expect them to be fair.

Well, we just became a victim ourselves. It was such a shock to go home that night with our door and gate splashed with blue paint. We reported it to the police, who were quite fast in getting to our area. They interviewed us then took some pictures. They called the town council as well to repaint the walls. The door and the gates, they informed us that we will have to be responsible for it. Which we cleaned up that night as well. The town council was quite good also that they came the very next day to repaint. (I gotta give it to Singapore, efficiency is very very evident here).

We have no assurance that whoever did this will not come back. We are not sure if its loan sharks. Could there be someone using our address? Or could it be a pressure --- I mean does anyone from our neighbors owe loan sharks? Could it be mistaken identity -- did they get the wrong door? Or could it be an angry neighbor (After all, their door was open almost all day... didn't they see or smell or hear anyone)?

Sad day. I hope the police will catch whoever did this. I hope it ends here as well. (It took us good 3 hours to clean up the door and the gate.. and it's not even 100% clean.. I still see shades of blue.)

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